4 Tools that will Help You Make Money Blogging


Affiliate Defender Software

Many of you may have heard of Jimmy Brown’s software, Affiliate Defender. If you haven’t, then you are in for a treat. This software is an absolute REQUIREMENT for doing any kind of affiliate business on the Internet. What it essentially does is protect your affiliate links completely from anyone replacing your affiliate link with theirs. This is especially true for those ClickBank links. ( http://www.clickbank.com)  

Just how much is this software worth? Well I have seen actual tests done where 20% of profits were lost due to not having the affiliate link cloaked! With affiliate link cloaking now so easily available, there is no excuse for you to not receive 100% of all affiliate commissions you earn. If you are making 4 affiliate sales a week, then using this software is going to give you at least 1 more a week! Talk about an easy way to increase profits!

I’d also like to point out one aspect of affiliate link cloaking that is not always talked about. When you place an add with a cloaked site, your link now advertises your domain! For example, instead ofhttp://hop.clickbank.net/?yournickname/xxxx. Consider this then, if a visitor likes what they see on the affiliate page, and they take a look at the URL in the browser window, they just might remove the “affiliatepage1.html” and head over to your home page! If you have another product sold there, your commissions can increase even more!

After all that information, I’m sure you realize you can’t be without Affiliate Defender software for another minute. And I totally agree with you, you must start using this right away. The only thing holding you back might be its cost. Well, if you like you can go purchase it for $34.95 on numerous websites. Just type in “Affiliate Defender” into Google and you will get tons of sites that sell it.

However, I know funds might not be available for it now. (perhaps your commissions are being stolen?!) So I have arranged for you to get it for FREE. Yes, totally, completely free.

New Review: Perpetual Traffic Generator!

 The Perpetual Traffic Generator is one of the most unique traffic generators I have ever seen. The idea behind it is simple, but effective. What it does is combine many of the Start Page traffic generators into one complete system.

The main part of this system is a unique script that is provided with the program. What it does is it simply runs from your desktop when your internet connection is active. It automatically rotates each of your start page programs in a browser window every 30-45 seconds. The best part is it does all of this while you are away from the computer. If you can leave your computer on at night for the 8 hours or so you sleep, you can rack in about 480 hits to your site!

Plus, you can customize the ebook and resell it, with your start page referral links in it! So as people get the book from you and start leaving their computers on, you can begin to bring in some massive traffic.

Everyone needs more traffic and this is one of the most effective, smart, and time efficient resources I’ve ever seen. The one downside is that it can be tough to setup the script. Many people will be able to figure it out, but some might need that extra little bit of personal attention to help them get it going.

StartBlaze Traffic System Review

A couple months ago I gave a preliminary review of the Start Blazetraffic system. I showed its benefits to you because it had already started to boost my traffic.

Now I would like to update you on how this system has been working for me. I have been directing the traffic from the program to my main home page for this ezine, Marketing Ebook Reviews over athttp://www.marketingebookreviews.com  

I am very happy to report that almost 1 in 3 visitors signs up for my ezine from this traffic! That is a 33% conversion rate, which is very good for start page type traffic.

The reasons for this high of a conversion ratio is that this start page traffic generator is almost entirely made up of internet marketers and home business workers, which is exactly who my ezine targets. Mark Joyner (http://www.aesop.com) created this system and therefore it is designed to work. Even though Joyner has left the internet marketing business, (and many are glad he did; let’s just say that many of his business practices were suspect) this system continues to work well.

I would highly recommend this system to anyone who is interested in increasing traffic to their site. (And if you are promoting something online, who doesn’t need more traffic?!)

So go ahead and check out Start Blaze for yourself. Its been profitable for me, I know it will be for you, too.

Newsletter Promote

Newletter Promote is a software package to make ezine promotion much easier It automates the process of submitting to directories, announcing your ezine, and blasting articles. In theory this product is very good. It does save you hours of time by giving you a list of everything available to promote your ezine to. The interface is easy to use as well.

I purchased Newsletter Promote when my ezine was first starting to try to get word out quickly about my ezine and bring in a bunch of subscribers. I used all of the methods in the software. The best part was the directories. The software really helped there by making the submission process so much easier. Unfortunately, many of the links to submit are broken which is really the story of this product as I’ll get to in a moment.

The worst part of this software is the submission of articles. There is a list of authors to send articles to – many of which don’t accept articles or publish an ezine anymore!

However, the most disappointing part of this software is the lack of results. I gained barely any new subscribers using any of the tools here. Even the directories don’t give subscribers. Directory listings are still good to have, possibly more for the link than anything else. The resources included are just too outdated to be of any use and your money is better spent elsewhere.