Article Writing Tips to Increase Your Exposure

If you’re starting out, then chances are that funds are a little limited. Article writing is a sure way to grow your list, the only cost to you is your time.

This is one method you should definitely not overlook… especially if you ever fancied the idea of being a bit of a budding writer…(or are willing to punch out a few sentences using a finger or two…!)

How does this work…?

There are lots of different article directories all over the internet.

And how can writing articles grow your list?

Directories are effectively ‘libraries’ with an array of information on pretty much any topic known to man… And perhaps unsurprisingly free, useful information. Millions of people daily search these directories for ‘your’ type of content. And of course by default you’re going to attract exactly the right type of person you’re looking for purely by what type of article you write!!

This format will work whatever your topic, be it ‘how to grow an olive tree’, ‘what makes a great squeeze page, ‘how to do keyword research’

Three pointers of what’s required…

  1. A catchy, specific, headline, to lure in your interested party.
  2. A good quality, ‘easy to read’ article. Forget all the key word littering rubbish that was all the rage a few years back, and certainly don’t resort to getting a bit of software to churn it out for you either! Do you think you’d read a novel written that way? Of course not! So don’t subject an article reader to this either… after all you’re trying to impress them for the next steps!
  3. The bio-box. The most important part. At the end of the article you’re written, enclose a little box that explains a bit about who you are, and include that all important squeeze page links.

I find the whole concept of writing scary!

If you don’t understand the elements of writing articles, you needn’t worry. We speak of outsourcing on this site, maybe this is something you should look to have outsourced. You’re not expected to be able to do everything on your business, don’t beat yourself up, pay a professional to do it.

Finding a good article writer, that understands how you like things done will take a little time to find. What I would suggest in the beginning at least, is to only pay for one article at a time. This will give you a feel as to whether this is someone that meets your criteria, if not, try another. Finding a good article writer maybe a tricky business, but once you have your match it will be the start of a fruitful relationship.

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