Chimp Rewriter Review

Before Chimp Rewriter was a program called Spin Chimp. I bought the lifetime membership to Spin Chimp and was upgraded for free to Chimp Rewriter.


Simple user interface


Chimp Rewriter’s user interface is relatively easy to figure out.

  • Nice range of features
  • Built in thesaurus

I think this is my favorite feature of Chimp Rewriter. The built-in thesaurus is updated periodically (weekly for paid users) and is a valuable tool for making an article’s wording just right. I can click on a word, and immediately I have a list of possible synonyms in the sidebar. I like this because I often have a word whose synonym I would prefer – but I can’t think of the synonym. For example, I might be thinking of “special” but the word I really want is “unique.”

  • Responsive support

I have contacted support for Chimp Rewriter twice. Once was with a question, and one was with a bug report. Both times they were helpful and courteous. I have also been in contact with the lead of the company, James. He has been very helpful.


Offers an “Instant Unique” functionality which is potentially dishonest

instant unique
the letters look similar, but aren’t the actual letters that they’re supposed to be

Instant Unique switches letters with characters that look like the {original|old} letters. This is done to enable an article to fool CopyScape or other plagiarism checkers. Plagiarism is not ok, and is unethical – especially professionally. I’m disappointed that Chimp Rewriter includes a feature like this. There may be legitimate purposes for bypassing plagiarism detection, but I can’t think of any.

  • Automatic spinning is obviously computer generated

Article spinning in general is risky, and I don’t advocate it. Spun writing can feel cumbersome and make little sense if not done properly. As a result, poorly spun articles can hurt your reputation if your name is included. I think this is true for almost any article spinning software. So, ChimpRewriter isn’t much different from any other program in this case. In addition, article directories and search engines tend to dislike spun content. Please be sure to check the terms of use for any article directory to which you plan to submit spun content.


Overall, I like Chimp Rewriter. If you’re looking for a very easy way to rewrite and add to your old articles or write new articles, Chimp Rewriter can be a useful tool.

There is a free version available, but the paid version may be worth the investment depending on your needs.

Click here for the full list of benefits

Some of the benefits of the paid edition include:

  • Blog Submitter
  • Multilingual Grammar Checker
  • Spin whole phrases
  • Instant unique (see above)
  • Advanced metrics
  • Thesaurus import
  • Custom dictionaries
  • Create tags
  • Signatures
  • HTML export
  • Copyscape checking
  • No advertisements
  • Random paragraph arrangement
  • Bulk rewrite

The free version does not have these features, but you can’t beat the price of free.

Should you try the paid version of Chimp Rewriter?


Depending on your needs, the paid version of Chimp Rewriter may be a good investment for you.

Here’s some of what it offers that the free version does not. This is not an exhaustive list. For complete chimp rewritersdetails, visit the Chimp Rewriter website here.

Blog Submitter

Submit your content directly to WordPress sites.

Multilingual Grammar Checker 

This is great if you need to write in multiple languages! The free version includes a multilingual spell checker, but this grammar checker is a helpful tool for anyone who does much writing in other languages.

Spin whole phrases at a time

With the free version of Chimp Rewriter, you can spin words easily. However, the paid version lets you spin entire phrases – saving time and effort.

Export to HTML

If you need an HTML version of your article, this is a helpful feature. Turning plain text into HTML can be a tedious task. This version of Chimp Rewriter will do it for you.

No advertisements

Some people don’t mind, but I find advertisements really annoying. I even like to use browser plugins to block ads on webpages! The free version of Chimp Rewriter is supported by ads. However, the paid version has no ads.

Random paragraph arrangement

Chimp Rewriter can arrange selected paragraphs into a random order, helping you keep your different article versions different from each other.

Custom dictionaries

Build and share custom dictionaries for your projects. All languages are supported.

Use offline

The free version of Chimp Rewriter has to be connected to the internet in order to function. The paid version does not. However, when Chimp Rewriter does connect to the Internet, the thesaurus is updated frequently.

The ability to use Chimp Rewriter offline is, for me, a great reason to have the paid version.

Advanced metrics

Find out your LSI keyword density and thereby optimize your content for search engine friendliness.

My advice is to evaluate your own needs. If you don’t need the paid version, then don’t buy it! But, if you do, Chimp Rewriter is a great value.

Chimp Rewriter is powerful software that will save you a ton of time. Download it free and give it a try.

Click here to download it for free.

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