Don’t Make These Common eBay Seller Mistakes

If you are trying to make money on eBay, you need to start with avoiding mistakes. Follow these proven eBay tips to help make sure your profits don’t slip through the cracks.

Strategy #1 – Failure to have continuity in the sales process

This mistake is also very common among people who sell products online, both with their eBay selling, at other auction sites and on their individual Web sites.

This is one of those tips for selling on eBay and anywhere else that cannot be stated too strongly: If you’re just selling on eBay, you’re really missing out on what’s out there. You’re truly missing the mark and not taking advantage of eBay tips that make serious money for you.

If you look at the majority of the products that are sold successfully, you’ll notice that they have continuity in their eBay selling process. What is continuity in the sales process?

Whenever you sell a product, implement this as one of your strategic tips for selling on eBay by making sure that you take the time to inform the customer of other products you sell. Whenever a product is bought or sold, create an opportunity to acquire the e-mail address of the customer to let them know about other products you offer.

Strategy #2 – As part of your list of valuable eBay tips, you also can use that e-mail address as an eBay selling and marketing tool to give your customers free reports, free updates and free information about how you can make them more successful in terms of whatever they’re doing.

Another thing you want to make sure of – and this alone is worth reading twice – is that you have a back-end catalog at the end for whatever it is you’re selling. You want to give the customer information about other products that you have available. Put this is as a top priority on your list of tips for selling on eBay successfully.

This is a win/win situation and one of your most valuable eBay tips. Why? Well for one thing, if the customer has bought from you, and they know you deliver value, and they know you deliver value for a very good price, chances are they may very well come back to you. Generally, every third or fourth customer you do business with will ask you for other products through your eBay selling efforts.

It is important to realize these tips for selling on eBay are dictating that you need to have some type of continuity in your sales process. When you have continuity in your sales process, you’re leveraging your marketing dollars and making all these eBay tips pay off. You’re giving the customers and potential customers, through referrals directly from your eBay selling endeavors, information about what other items you offer for sale.

These are very important tips for selling on eBay and that will factor hugely in your success. If you are buying or selling products online, make sure that you have good continuity in your sales process.

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