How to Make a Gravatar

1 of the first rules in online marketing is to grab the attention of your site visitor. And to do that we’ve all been told to write attention grabbing headlines and to use bold colors and pop-ups like Exit Splash.

Now those things are fine on your own site but how about getting the attention of visitors to someone else’s site?

No, I’m not talking about doing anything illegal or unethical.

I’m talking about putting your picture or logo along with your interesting and useful comment on other peoples’ blogs.

Just think about when you’re reading the comments on your favorite blogs. Which comments stand out so you read them first? Are they the ones with the default image that looks like the other 90% of the comment images? Or are they the ones that are different?

Writing good blog comments is an excellent form of free advertising. But it’s only good if people read your comments. That’s why savvy internet users have a gravatar next to their comments.

Check out this video to find out how to make your own gravatar.

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