Is It Time To Quit Or Reinvent Myself?

If you’ve been 1 of my readers for the last several years you have probably noticed that I don’t write as many tips or recommend as many products as I did when I started. Back then I wrote no less than 1 new tip a week and usually recommended a new product about once a week. In fact, I sometimes had difficulty choosing what to write about and which products to recommend because there was so much good information to choose from.

As an affiliate and a reseller I reviewed no less than 10 products every week and usually a lot more. It was an exciting time where there was new information in almost every ebook and video and new software was being created to help people build their online business. Every day was a fun adventure where I found new information I shared with my readers either as a free tip or a product recommendation.

Sadly, times have changed and now it seems most of the ebooks and videos are either rehashing old information or being used as a teaser for an expensive product or service. And while there is still new software being created, most of it either doesn’t work or will only work for a few for a short time.

For awhile I thought it was me because I’m getting older and have seen so many products. I blamed myself for not being excited with the prospect of discovering something new everyday. I tried to get myself into the right mindset using the power of positive thinking, setting goals and a few other techniques. And when they all failed I finally tried anti-depressants.

But none of it worked!

Positive thinking didn’t make the products any better.
The goal of finding 1 great piece of information or product every week didn’t happen no matter how hard I worked.
Anti-depressants numbed my brain and made me not care that almost all the products I was reviewing were “crap.”

Since none of these things worked, I give up on changing my attitude and decided to change the situation. If I couldn’t find good products to recommend I would write about some of the bad products being recommended by others.

Unfortunately no one can have a very profitable business telling people to not buy things.

So what should I do?

1. As much as I would hate not trying to help people make money with an online business, should I just give up and quit?

2. Even though I know that most of the new products coming out are junk and have sales pages aimed at people who are desperate to make money, should I reinvent myself and jump onboard the sell-anything-to-anyone ship and send out multiple mailings every week promoting these fly-by-night products?

3. Although sales are down and my list isn’t growing very quickly, should I stay on my original path and try to help people.

Please leave a comment with your vote on what I should do.

P.S. This article was the result of 2 emails I received today. The first was from someone who wrote “There was a time I had to decide between two good products to recommend to you. That was the time you received 3, 4.. maybe even 6 emails a month from me.” and “I don’t see enough good products, techniques, strategies, findings to talk to you about.” The second was from someone promoting yet another “do this and you’ll see your sales go through the roof” product. (I actually received several of these types of emails today and everyday but this one really made my blood pressure rise. Fortunately I have very low blood pressure so a rise of any kind is healthy for me.)

Anyway, after hearing from someone who I believe is trying to help online marketers say their business is suffering because of all the products and mailings from those who are strictly in it for the money made me think about my business strategy. That’s why I’m asking you what you want:

1. Quit
2. Reinvent myself and sell anything to make money
3. Continue on current plan.

I really want to know!

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