Does Postcard Marketing Work?

Simple postcards, such as the one you receive from a friend who is on vacation, have in recent years become a valuable tool for marketing anything for banks to lawn mower services.  The cost is relatively low (in bulk they can cost as little as 10 cents and use bulk postage to boot).  But as in any type of market just a few factors can make the difference between success and failure of the marketing campaign.

Use a quality mailing list for the postcards will increase the success rate if it is directed more to the target market of the campaign.  While bulk mail will decrease the cost, sending the card by regular post will increase the success rate.  Timing is important.  It is a proven fact that mail delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday since mail delivery on those days is light – never time the mail to be delivered on Monday, which is the busiest day of the week for mail.  Don’t try to use the postcard to sell a product or service – the point of the postcard is to generate inquiries.  Finally don’t try to put too much information on the postcard, a busy or messy postcard will see the bottom of the trash container rather than generate interest.

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