Does Spun Content Still Work?


As you probably know spinning is a method of changing either sentences, phrases or words to create unique content.

So for instance good becomes {good|very good|excellent|superb} and so on. So each time your spinning software chooses at random one of those words between the brackets. This can apply to sentences as well as words.

A sentence spin could look like this.

{Making money online can give you the freedom you crave.|If you want to work hours that suit you internet marketing can help you achieve that goal.}

So again one of the two sentences inside the brackets will be chosen for each spin. You would then also spin the words and phrases inside those sentences to make the content vey unique.  This is called nested spinning but not all spinners are powerful enough to do this. The best spinner supports unlimited nested spinning.

This may seem like a lot of work, so why do we do it?

The answer goes back to the early days of the internet. Webmasters worked out that to get to the top of Google you needed to have other websites link back to your site and this is still the case today.

Syndicating content far and wide across the web was a way of getting these links quickly. Internet marketers were using software to send masses of identical articles across the internet at lightening speeds.  It guaranteed them excellent search engine rankings.

From Google’s perspectives this caused two headaches. Firstly people could manipulate the search engine rankings very quickly. Plus you sometimes had the same piece of content ranking at the top of the search engine rankings.

Google is all about giving the best search engine results to its users. Having the same content showing up more than once doesn’t give the best user experience.

So Google began to strip out duplicate content from the search engine results. Does all duplicate content get stripped from the index? Absolutely not.

Is article syndication totally worthless now? Not at all, although it makes sense to try and change the content so that you can get the full benefit from each article.

However rewriting content manually is just not feasible. From here article spinning was born.

Article spinning allows you to get those excellent search engine results by syndicating content. If you spend some time and have a good spinning program this does not mean you have to use garbage content. You can make decent, readable content from spinning software if you take your time. Sometimes it’s not worth making highly readable content if the articles are never going to be read by anyone other than a search engine spider. Despite this personally I still make that extra little effort to produce decent quality content.

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