The Dangers of WordPress Plugins

You can use WordPress plugins to due just about anything you want on your blog.


Be Careful What You Do!

Recently a WordPress plugin that can do you more harm than good became available to the masses.  The plugin claimed you could “Get Credit For Sales Without The Person Ever Clicking On Your Affiliate Link… They Just Have To Visit Your Blog.”

Now according to the sales page for this plugin all you had to do was paste your Clickbank affiliate link for the product you wanted to promote and select a page or post. Then when someone visited your page or post your affiliate information was stored in your visitor’s browser even though they never clicked your affiliate link and you would earn the affiliate commission if they ever purchased the product.

This quick and easy way to make affiliate commissions has a name, cookie stuffing. And cookie stuffing is unethical, illegal and can get you in some real trouble. You can read an article about what happened to a couple of people who are accused of cookie stuffing their ebay affiliate link here.

Now I happen to own a copy of that Clickbank cookie stuffing plugin but never used it on any of my blogs because I thought it looked like trouble. If you happen to own this or any other cookie stuffing plugin my advice to you is… Don’t use it!

On a brighter note:

Yesterday I was reading someone’s blog and while their article was just OK, I really liked the social bookmarking plugin they were using. It took me several hours to find it since it’s name, SexyBookmarks, through me off.

Anyway,  I’ve put it on 3 of my WordPress blogs and you can see this blogs version of it below. (It comes with at least 6 wording images and lots of social bookmarking sites to chose from.)

And for those of you using Blogger I found the directions for getting it on a Blogger blog along with a free download of the images here.

If you’re not interested in this particular plugin you can use another of the most popular social bookmarking plugins on and get simpler instructions for a Blogger social bookmarking button at

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