Use eBay Counters to Skyrocket your Sales

Who would have known that a simple hit counter could make such a remarkable difference in your eBay auction and be one of your most important eBay tips? Counters are free to add to your listings and can help you test and track which ones are performing well and which ones need work. Making backups is a simple step that most people forget about in their eBay selling endeavors – until it’s too late.

In this article, you’ll learn tips for selling on eBay that include knowing the benefits of both using counters and having a backup resource and how these easy eBay tips can help you improve sales and avoid headaches.

* Use a counter on all your eBay listings.

Another thing people should do that is very important to their eBay selling activities is to make sure they put a counter on their listing. Why are counters important as one of the most helpful tips for selling on eBay? The value of a counter is that you have what are called “conversion rates.”

As eBay tips go, the importance of this one is very high. You need to be able to monitor conversion rates in specific categories for all your eBay selling. If you’re selling a product in more than one category, you need to make sure you’re accounting for your advertising dollars. The counter does that for you and needs to be a permanent fixture on your list of tips for selling on eBay successfully.

Despite all the eBay tips you may apply, advertising on eBay or any other auction site is not cheap; it costs money – and you want to make sure that, through the use of a counter, you can see how many people actually viewed your listing and are aware of your eBay selling activities.

It is not uncommon that some auctions in specific categories can get up to 2,000 views in a 10-day period. That’s a lot of exposure. Two thousand people actually saw that listing and that’s when using these tips for selling on eBay that include getting a counter really start to pay off.

Then there are some other listings – listed by folks not privy to good eBay tips – that may be in a niche category for a specific product and only get 50 or 60 views.

If you have a counter, and you’re getting less than 50 views on your eBay selling effort, pull the plug on that category and move onto another category.

Why? If you’re only getting 50 views in a 10-day window, you’re not getting a lot of advertising for your dollar, and that’s NOT worthy to be on any list of tips for selling on eBay.

As one of several very useful eBay tips, it is a very important thing that sellers should do. Monitor and track by inserting a counter on the bottom of your page on every product you sell. It is vital that you do that for all your eBay selling.

Make sure you have a backup in place, and everything is not stored on one computer.

Finally, it is very important, as one of the most significant tips for selling on eBay, for anyone out there creating products to be sold on the Internet to take the time to back up their information.

You need to set a schedule for this most critical of eBay tips, to make a complete backup of all your data that you’ve created or archived. Why is this important and such a significant part of your tips for selling on eBay?

Because once your data is gone – it’s gone. Forever. That simple task of backing up data is imperative to anyone running a business. Make sure you back up your data. It’s a wise thing to do, it’s very inexpensive and it’s one of those eBay tips you should never neglect to do.

You also want to make sure you back up the data you use for your eBay selling activities three layers deep:

First, store it on your computer.

Second, if you have valuable information, back it up and store it in a safety deposit box. (This is one of those tips for selling on eBay you won’t see often!)

Third, add a final storage resource. Store the data at a friend’s house or with a trusted family member. This last backup layer comes from tried-and-true eBay tips many never think of.

Do that consistently and effectively. It is recommended you back up your data weekly for serious eBay selling. You’ll be glad you did.

If you apply these easy-to-do, but oh-so-important eBay tips, you will have less stress and a more productive environment, which is what every eBay selling business wants.

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