What Does a PR Manager Do?

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Public relations (PR) is a popular buzzword in marketing and advertising. Although most know it’s importance,  the benefits are not always understood.

If you want to reach large audiences as inexpensively as possible, public relations is the way to go. Public relations includes the creation and distribution of information, primarily in the form of stories, published or broadcast by mass media such as newspapers, magazines, television and radio. Because the media do not charge for publishing these articles, but consider them valuable for their readers, PR has the power to reach millions of people for very little money, generating many valuable sales leads.

Public relations seems so glamorous, what company doesn’t want to say we just hired a PR firm? PR, if done right, can reach a large audience without the large cost of traditional advertising and marketing.
If PR is not a part of your marketing program, it may be time to consider and implement a public relations campaign to complement your existing marketing plan.

Here are some of the benefits of using a public relations firm:

  • Economical way to reach your target audience in masses
  • Stimulates awareness of, and the demand for, your company’s products or services
  • Strengthens your company image and perception
  • Paints the picture of a company that is active and innovative
  • Creates seven times more credibility than traditional advertising
  • Creates an advantage over your competitors that are not utilizing PR effectively
  • Increased search engine visibility and organic results

Now, be careful. There are just as many fly by night companies calling themselves PR as there are ones calling themselves search engine optimizing experts.

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