4 Super Simple Ways to Making Money Online

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What Stops Most People From Making Money For Themselves?
The thing I have had a hard time with when figuring out how to make my own money, is direction. I feel the same is true with most people, it’s not a question whether you want to or not, is where do you start. Well of you can read emails, then you can start making money for yourself, you do not need to start big. It only takes one brick at a time before you have a house.

How do you make money online? What are your secrets?
For many, making money from home is a dream. Now, there are plenty of websites out there that offer different ways to making that happen, but usually, that requires paying for that information. If you really are making money online, why not just explain how its done, and ask for a contribution. I believe that simply outlining the steps it takes to earn money online, and offering the guidance, then asking for a cash contribution is an ideal way of earning that online income. I myself have tried different things, like online shopping malls, reading email for cash, and online surveys, and all that gave me was disappointment, wasted time, and money spent. So, I decided to talk about real world ways to make money online, something anyone can do, as long as you have the patience to do so. Below is just an example. Rather than write an entire page about it, Ill ad a personal touch and talk about it in my blog (the link says BLOG up top next to HOME). That way, you can participate and add in your own ideas, or ask questions.

Make Money with Google AdSense
One thing I have learned from many blogs out there, is that they are making some sweet loot from, well just blogging. Take that funny cat cheeseburger website for an example.  It all started with one funny cat pic, then exploded from there. Blogs are great for search engine ranking, because they always have fresh content for search engines to crawl, as long as you ad fresh content. Just thing about it, most websites you go to today are article based, like a blog. Come up with an idea, get enough readers, and just add some Google AdSense into your life them BAM! You can earn ad revenue based off clicks. Cool huh?

Using Social Media…. To make money.
is a great platform (as you already know) for keeping up to date with your peers, and them with you. Both Facebook Pages and Twitter allow you to create a personal page for your ideas. The hardest part about social media is staying social (for me anyway). But all it takes is participation. Engage in others conversations, and be genuine about their topics, and you will receive the same response. Now, how to make money on these sites? Affiliate marketing is the answer. Amazon Associates allows you to promote products from the amazon store, commission varies. There are trending products that people want, and all you gotta do, providing you have the friends or followers, is post a link back to the product. People will eat that up. Another good affiliate site is Clickbank.com. They offer more of a digital product, like eBooks, and information, great information mind you. But the same applies, send a link to your friends or followers back to your affiliate page, and you might just get a sale.

Have you ever wanted to get paid for looking at advertisements?
Now you can. There’s a new app out in the Google Play store called Locket. Locket will show an advertisement every time you press the power button on your phone to wake your phone up from sleep. Whether you swipe left to view the ad, or right to use your phone, Locket will pay you one cent every time. Now, the app is still in the beta phase and growing, but it’s best to get in on the ground floor. I’m using it right now, and personally, I think it’s kinda fun seeing something different every time I unlock my phone. Check out Locket, a new Android app that pays you for unlocking your phone. Sign up here! http://getlocket.com.

Starting a Blog
One thing that is very important for any blogger or social sensation is syndication, what might that be? Well in the world of social media, there are many platforms, hundreds if you care to look, and lots you never heard of. Everyone has there favorite, and that’s not a bad thing, but bloggers can’t be choosers. Just because you have a favorite, doesn’t mean it’s everyone else’s. But some platforms make it easy. For instance, Twitter allows syndicated posts to Facebook, Blogger allows posts to Google+, and FeedBurner, and so on. But my favorite that brings the best of every nook and cranny of social media is addthis.com. It’s a great tool that can’t be argued.