Deliver Email Gifts Without A Website – How To Build Email Lists

As we all know, to get someone to subscribe to your email list you usually have to offer them something. Many people offer free ebooks, videos, or memberships. And all of these gifts are available immediately as soon as someone signs up.

However, when you’re first starting your online business you may not have a hosted web account that permits you to upload gifts to give to your subscribers. Should this hold you back and keep you from building your list?

Absolutely not!

While having your own site so you can give free digital products or memberships is good, there are other ways to give gifts without having your own hosted web account.

4 Ways To Give Subscriber Gifts Without Delivering A digital Product From Your Own Site:

1. Offer free information in a report or course you can email them. Simply load the information in 1 or more email messages that will be sent automatically to everyone who joins your list.

Others might recommend you send a digital product as an email attachment however I don’t. Because many people have had their machines infected by viruses and trojans contained in email attachments, a lot of people won’t open them. So rather than have them opt out of your list because they’re afraid to open your gift, just email them the information in the body of your message or messages.

2. If you have a physical rather than digital gift you can snail mail it to them. I’ve never done this because it involves more upfront costs and ongoing manual labor to get every gift addressed and mailed. However, if you have free samples to give from an MLM or network marketing company you may want to consider it.

3. Since I have always had my own hosted account I have never used a free file sharing service so I can’t personally recommend any of them. I did however find a couple of sites that do make recommendations: 10+ Best Free File Hosting Service Providers and The 5 Best Free File Hosting Services To Store Your Files!

4. If you are using a professional autoresponder service you can offer gifts from some membership sites.

More Tips for Building your Email List


Free members of Traffic Leads and Sales provide 6 digital ebooks available for immediate download to everyone who joins your list through a signup page they provide. They currently support list building through many of the most popular autoresponder services and if the service you’re using isn’t on the list you can submit a support ticket to have it added.

Free members of Viral Ebook Explosion get brandable ebooks to give away however you must upgrade to the next level to have them host your squeeze page, download page, and download product. They support Aweber, GetResponse, 1ShoppingCart, and Email Aces autoresponder services.


Not having a hosted web account should not prevent you from building your own email list. I’ve just listed 4 ways to deliver gifts to those who opt-in to your list. If you know other methods for delivering a gift please leave a comment.

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