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If you’re looking for some cheap help in growing your business, you may find exactly what you need to succeed at Just visit, and you’ll find a slew of people ready to do all sorts of things for only $5.  While I’ll be the first to admit that you’re not going to double your revenues with this type of help, some of the stuff is pretty good.

Just because these services are just $5 a pop doesn’t mean they’re not valuable. Sure, you need to check the feedback of the people you hire, and choosing long terms members over newbies is a good idea, but you can find some real value for a measly $5 on  In this post, I’ll look at some of my favorite $5 projects. Hope they spark some ideas for how you can use to increase your business, or just to have a little fun.


You’ll find lots of talented video makers on that can create a custom introduction video for your website, YouTube, Vimeo, or anywhere else for only $5. You can create your own video images and hire someone on to edit it, or you can outsource the entire video there. I just got 3,169 results when I searched for “intro video.”

Need a cheap funny video? You’re in luck because there are a lot of people on who will do all sorts of crazy things on video for you for just $5. People will dress up as zombies, hotdogs, chickens, and do tons of crazy things to help you promote your business (or for whatever reason). I’m not sure how the average business can use funny videos in your marketing, but right now, there are 964 matches for “funny video” on

Check out this logo animation I had created for $5.00 on Fiverr!

Voice Overs

Hiring voice over talent can be pricey if you go through a talent agency, voice over casting site, or even straight to a voice over professional’s website, but on Fiverr you can find some pretty awesome voice overs for just $5. Not only can you find amazing talent, but also a wide variety of talent, from ‘movie guy,’ ‘radio guy,’ and ‘impressionist’ voices to ‘believable mom and dad,’ ‘trendy young adult,’ ‘adorable kid,’ and ‘squeaky animation’ voices that are ideal for practically any project (not to mention the accent/dialect voice overs you can get too).

You can’t beat $5 for a professional sounding voice over. I just searched “voice over” on and found 1,531 search results. If all you need is a simple voice over for your project, Fiverr may be ideal.

Graphic Design

There are tons of graphic design projects you can outsource to graphic designers, including: cartoons and caricatures, ebook covers, presentations, banners, headers, logos, web design, flyers, brochures, business cards, 3d models, icons, t-shirts, stationery, backgrounds, drawings, greeting cards, favicons, calendars, portraits, book/magazine layouts, blueprints, album covers, and more. There are even graphic designers creating the artwork for custom tattoos on

Just click the “Graphic & Design” tab from the menu, or search for your graphic design related topic. For example, I just searched “logo design,” and got 9,379 best matches.

Twitter Backgrounds

Yes, there are tons of websites out there that will make you a custom Twitter background for a hefty fee, but on you can find talented graphic designers who will happily make you a custom Twitter background for just $5. You just tell your chosen designer what you want, and send any photos or images you’d like included, and they’ll create it for you.

Even if you don’t like the Twitter background you get, you’re only out $5. Some graphic designers on will event edit your background until it’s exactly what you want. A search for “Twitter background” I just did gave me 454 results, so there’s a lot of $5 Twitter background designers to choose from who can probably also design a custom YouTube, Facebook, and other social media background too.

Press Releases

I’m not sure I’d trust my copywriting to a $5 writer, but for press releases and press release distribution, it can work. Press releases and distribution are pretty straightforward, and they’re a great way to get good backlinks. That’s what makes them a good fit. (Just make sure you proofread and edit the press release before your provider distributes it for you.)

There are 161 matches for “press release” right now on Double check to make sure the person you choose will write and also distribute your press release as well.

Programming and Technical

If you’re not technically savvy, someone on can probably help you for just $5. There are providers for lots of programming and technical services on, including .Net, Joomla, Drupal, JavaScript, iOS, Android, Mobile, C++, databases, PSD, HTML, PHP, CSS, Java, WordPress, and more. They can install scripts, fix errors, write new coding, and more.

Check out what’s available under the “Programming & Tech” menu link, or search for the type of help you need. For example, there are currently 2,230 matches for “WordPress” help on If you use someone for programming or technical services on, keep in mind that it’s a security risk. Don’t forget to change your login and password immediately after the project ends if you give it to a provider.

Many More Options

These are just a few of the options on that can help you build your business. There are tons of others, a few of my favorites are $5 display advertising, $5 audio advertising on internet radio shows, $5 online marketing outsourcing, $5 music and audio creation, and more.

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