Does Dropshipping on eBay Still Work?

dropshipping on ebay

I’m not going to lie to you, dropshipping on eBay has gotten harder than it used to be, but there are still tons of opportunities to make money.

eBay offers a very easy way to create an Internet retailing business utilizing a dropshipper. It is the second type of business that we will discuss. The first kind of business that you can create when creating your Internet retailing business would be a website which serves a niche market. See our Create an Online Business page for more discussion about that type of business.

Here we will be discussing using eBay. This is a method which allows you to utilize a dropshipper without necessarily having to set up a website of your own. Many people can make a full-time income on eBay. You will need to find a wholesaler or dropshipper where you can get products at a discount to sell on eBay. The best-known (and arguably the most used) dropshipper directory for eBay is Doba. However, DropshipDesign has packages especially for eBay sellers. And, Wholesale-Portal has plans for your eBay endeavors as well. These are by no means the only dropshipper sources for sales on eBay.

eBay has several advantages for your wholesale Dropship business. Perhaps the biggest two are that there is a built-in reputation for your product selling and the cost for advertising your goods is minimized. Be sure that you have a good business plan for your success. Plan Your iBiz has a guide/workbook to help you through that part of creating an online business even when using eBay.

Sometimes you will need to look for a good product to sell. We have found that Auction Yen can help automate the process of finding a hot selling product. Using that program can give you flexibility in deciding on products. Coupled with memberships to World Wide Brands or SaleHoo to get connections to wholesale dropshippers can allow you to be selling products that are in demand enough to ensure sales.

Sometimes getting “traffic” to your offers can be difficult and expensive. Using eBay as your sales vehicle can take care of these concerns for you. In fact, many Internet retailers sell on eBay and use the available “about me” links to drive traffic to their own site. eBay allows (maybe even encourages) this if the price you are charging on your site is not below what the eBay offer is.

Probably the most important tip that all eBay “experts” agree on is that good listings are the key to successful sales. You must have an appealing and correct title. Your descriptions should emphasize benefits for the buyer. And, your listing should have a compelling “buy me” entry if you are going to have a successful eBay sale.

Although the sites mentioned above are good sources of dropshipping products for your sales, once you have exhausted your supply of garage or attic goods and are ready to do intense eBay work, PlatinumPowerseller is one of the best sites for helping you to the next level. Not only do they have excellent dropship resources, they have tips and instructions about utilizing eBay for your sales. They present many of the “secrets” used by eBay sellers for success. There are many tools along with the tips to get your business to a successful level of sales on eBay.