How Promotional Items Boost Businesses

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When you take out the terminologies, numbers, graphs, and all the technical stuff about marketing, you’ll understand that it’s really not that complicated to be a good marketer. There are many ways to get your name out there — you simply need to get the right tools in your marketing mix.

One of those tools is promotional products. In fact, a tangible product, from custom lanyards to coffee mugs branded with your company name and logo is the single most effective way to get your name out there. While many people assume that this form of advertising is dead in the water, promotional products are still an extremely powerful and solid marketing tool.

Promotional products and corporate gifts allow people to see your brand. They also help people recognize and remember your brand. The benefits are infinite, but so many businesses are still uncertain about dedicating part of their marketing budget to promotional products. If you’re still on the fence, read on.

Walking Billboard

Ever wonder why so many businesses give away custom lanyards, t-shirts, and mugs? It hits two birds with one stone. The recipient of your promotional products will think about your company when they wear or use them — and everyone who sees them will constantly be reminded of your business as well. And that’s the best low-cost investment.

Mass Outreach

We’ve been taught to always think about a target audience. What we fail to recognize is that there is a possibility that the customer we are looking for is outside of our targeting borders.

That’s where promotional products come in handy — they have neither demographic nor geographic limitations because of their mobility. With t-shirts, pens, lanyards, and USB sticks, you have the power to reach a vast number of people you may have never gotten the chance to advertise to.

Alternative Business Card

Business cards will always be a business staple, but promotional products are a fun and creative way to show your contact details. You can place your contact number on employee shirts, for instance, which will help improve response rates.

Corporate Gift

From showing gratitude to long-standing customers, to recognizing a valued employee for a job well done, corporate gifts allow employers to say things words alone cannot express.

Corporate gifts in the form of promotional items affirm and make relationships stronger. More often than not, giving a gift promotes a feeling that the individual should reciprocate your kind gesture. This means giving a business partner a product will make them more likely to do business with you.

In a research conducted by LJ Market Researcher, the researchers surveyed people who received promotional items. About 52% of the participants said they ultimately did business with the company, while the others said they would be more likely to do business with the company in the future.


Many professional marketers see giving away custom promotional products as an industry dinosaur — but it’s a tried and true marketing tactic. It has proven its ability to yield results that rival those of its modern counterparts. More importantly, giving promotional items affirms relationships between employer and employee, as well as between brands and clients.

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