How to Write Newsletter Articles Even If You Can’t Write


Knowing how to write newsletter articles is an extremely important skill for an online marketer because newsletters and newsletter articles are 2 excellent forms of free advertising. In addition, the skill of knowing how to write newsletter articles is extremely useful when writing articles for your blog or content for your website.

Unfortunately providing quality information in a online newsletter or ezine can be a daunting task if you’re not a writer. To help you out here’s a checklist on how to write newsletter articles and a recommendation for making it a lot easier.

To choose a topic know what matters to your audience. Ask yourself what do your readers want to know about. What are their concerns? What’s on their minds? Can you provide information or a service that will benefit them?

  • Know the purpose of your article. Is it to provide information, entertain or persuade them to perform an action.
  • Give your article a title that captures your reader’s attention.
  • Engages the reader by arousing interest or curiosity in the opening paragraph.
  • Write in a natural, conversational style as if you were speaking to 1 person.
  • Use commonly known words and write short paragraphs with white space between them.
  • Be specific and provide detailed information especially when using examples or statistical data.
  • Write a conclusion where you summarize the most important points and make your call to action.
  • Check for accuracy. Make sure your information is correct and so is your grammar and spelling.And 1 last and extremely important item…

And 1 last and extremely important item…

  • Include some good keywords and keyword phrases in the article.

Now knowing how to write newsletter articles is 1 thing and actually writing them is another. That’s why I use a software tool to help me.

But before I tell you what tool I use let me tell you you how I use it.

After I’ve chosen a topic of interest to my readers I use my tool to do some keyword research. I then select the keyword or keyword phrase I want to target and let the tool generate some title suggestions.

Using the same keyword or keyword phrase I used for the title I then do some information research and store any information I may want to include in my article with the same tool.

I then write the article and let the tool measure my keyword usage. (I tend to not use my keywords often enough but I’m working on it.)
When I think the article is finished I let the tool check it for spelling errors.

I then either put the article on my blog or use the tool to submit it to article directories. (I haven’t tried the rewrite feature yet to do both.)
Knowing how to write newsletter articles is a great asset to your business because it helps you establish your credibility and can be used to promote products and services. And while it may seem like an impossible skill to learn it doesn’t have to be. You can learn to do it on your own or you can make the whole process faster and easier by using the same tool I use.

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