The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

Of course you can take measures to make your email marketing campaigns more profitable. It’s an ongoing series of efforts that you put in to perfecting the various aspects of…

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8 Tips for Fast Mobile Landing Pages

Everyday people are spending more time on their mobile phone than their personal computer. Additionally, over 50% of the global web traffic  comes through mobile devices while the number of mobile…

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6 Keys to Building a Loyal Blog Audience

Just a few short years ago, blogs were just an online version of personal journals. People used them to share their feelings with friends, family members, and even total strangers….

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online analytics

What is Mobile Geofencing?

In this post we will focus and try to identify the opportunities of Geofencing. I would really like to hear your thoughts and opinions regarding this technology as applied on the mobile…

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text marketing

Types of Mobile Video Advertising

Background Overview & The Market Even though video advertising has a long track record of success on both TV and the World Wide Web, it has been slow to come…

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customer experience mobile

How to use Gamification in Your Marketing

The way mobile phone users vigorously engage with locations is changing the corporate marketing and advertising. A recent study showed that 55% of smartphone owners use their devices for “a…

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cheap content writers

Top 3 Web Content Writing Services For Under $3

I used to dread outsourcing content because it was 1. expensive, 2. it took forever to get back, 3. and most writers don’t know how to write for the web….

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How To Build a Conversion Funnel

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing with our readers how to plan out a simple marketing funnel for your business.  Planning out a marketing funnel is part of the marketing…

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