tips for success

3 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

Looking into the mirror makes you admit that they were right all along. You are crazy! You’ve wondered this about yourself for a while, but now you know it. Only…

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Detailed Review of

If you’re looking for some cheap help in growing your business, you may find exactly what you need to succeed at Just visit, and you’ll find a slew…

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4 Steps to Customize Google Analytics Campaigns

All Marketing Must Be Accountable and Measurable… if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. Logically, it just makes sense that marketing should be measured, however, it…

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retail stores

8 Ways to Increase Mobile Engagement in a Retail Store

The Smartphone Revolution goes Retail The fact that the smartphone revolution has transformed the in-store shopping experience, is well known for a while now. More and more retailers keep investing in mobile marketing…

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mailchimp review

Detailed Review of MailChimp

One of my goals is to help small businesses follow-up with their prospects and customers. We teach all about marketing automation and how to follow-up with prospects.  Today I’m going…

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Detailed Review of Genesis WordPress Framework

Although I don’t use the Genesis Framework for this website (I use Standard Theme), I’m extremely familiar with it, and I work with it quite a bit with my clients…

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Don’t Go Cheap on your Marketing Budget

Cheapest or Best? It is a question that we all think about often when buying, but something that isn’t discussed at length. Some people will default to the cheapest product they…

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3 lessons I’ve Learned about Innovation

Let me start off by saying, I love innovation.  I love seeing a superior product.  I love it when stuff just works flawlessly and beautifully.  I’m relentless in the pursuit…

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