The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing


Of course you can take measures to make your email marketing campaigns more profitable. It’s an ongoing series of efforts that you put in to perfecting the various aspects of your email marketing campaigns to get better results. Take a good look at the rest of this article and see what you can take away and use.

Hopefully you are fully aware that it really is best to be ethical with your email marketing. It really does not matter what other people do, and you have to protect your business and reputation. This is why you should let go of any loopholes that allow you to unethically exploit email marketing in the hope to boost the results. Also, when it comes to email marketing, there are websites that will list names of known unethical marketers. Remember that it is not necessary to have a huge email list to earn good profits from it. What ever you decide with your list, we can only advise you to treat them properly if you want to see the best results. Email subject lines have been debated as long as there has been email. But not to worry about this as it is very easy to create terrific subject lines that will get through the spam filters with no problems. Your subject line must create curiosity and also transition well into the email copy. Try subscribing to various lists in many related markets, and you will find a ton of great ideas right there. The whole idea here is to keep your subject lines in control so that none of your emails end up getting blocked due to them.

Sometimes it seems you have no control, or little of it, when it comes to keeping your email out of spam filters. Always provide your new subscribers with information on how to white-list your email address. This is not always an issue as the larger autoresponder services have already made sure that the larger ISPs have white-listed their emails. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so ask your subscribers to add your email to ‘safe senders’ list within the address book. You never know whose email it will save, and that person could turn out to be a great customer. If you are experiencing poor results with email marketing, then you have to look at everything and consider all the possibilities.

Increase Your Opt-In Subscribers

Regardless of the kind of market you are targeting or what your sites purpose is-you need to focus on building your opt-in email list if you want to create a profitable online business a create a six figure income. There are certain steps that you should be taking to make certain you are increasing the number of opt-in subscribers to your email list and this article will help explain those steps to you.

Offer a Good Incentive: A popular way to get people to give out their contact information and to also opt-in to your email list is with an incentive as you probably know if you have been into Internet marketing for a while. This old strategy still works like magic even if it does seem a bit like bribery to get them on your list.

However, given the kind of competition we have on the Internet today, it’s really important that your incentive is valuable. You have do more than just offer an “amazing report” because while you might get a few people subscribing, you won’t attract the numbers you want. To really get the most out of this method means you need to offer an incentive to your prospects that gives something of value. To test yourself to see if you are on the right track, once you are finished creating your incentive, ask yourself this one question, “Would people actually buy this?”. Is it that valuable?”… If you get a yes as an answer, then go ahead with it.

Make Use of Split Testing: So you can achieve better results from your efforts to gain more subscribers, follow the basic rule of doing split tests.

Simply create two subscription forms and test them to find out which one converts the best. While you might want to trust your intuition and go with what you think is right, if you want consistent results, it is better if you don’t. If you want your subscriber numbers to increase, watch your stats to see what they say and then take the calculated steps needed. How do you properly handle this process? The tool Google Analytics is the the most widely used tool by Internet marketers to effectively track traffic and conversions and to see how well their efforts are paying off. However, there are services such as Aweber, where the tracking system is built-in and you don’t need to do anything extra. Leverage Your Email Signature: What better way to ask for people to sign-up for your newsletter than through your email signature? Chances are if your are doing email exchanges with a person, then that person probably knows you already or is getting to know you.

How will this help increase the number of subscribers? Its easy-if you have great content, then your subscribers will talk about it to others and you will gain more exposure with word of mouth marketing. Instead of putting in large amounts of efforts into promoting your newsletter, have your marketing built right in your content. Because they know just how to do this, companies like Volkswagen and Apple brands are able sell themselves. The point is, you don’t have to be a large corporation to leverage the power of word of mouth marketing – just ensure your content is rocking and the rest will follow.

We can clearly see that you need to take a number of steps to ensure the flow of subscribers to your email list is consistent.

Improve Your Email Subject Lines

Email marketing can be seen as one of the most important parts of your online business, without which it’s not only hard to make an impact on your target market, but the long term sustainability of your business is also not very stable.

Out of all the many theories and tactics you may read about concerning email marketing, one fundamental factor you must pay attention to is your email subject line. Without writing an effective subject line, you can’t expect to have a good amount of response from your campaign because your emails won’t get opened in the first place. Given below are three effective tips that will help you create subject lines that matter.

When you get emails from other businesses and online marketers, don’t just delete them but look them over and figure out what techniques the writer is applying.

You may be surprised at how many ideas you can get this way, especially from emails with clever subject lines. If the person emailing you has a brand up his sleeve, then it’s obvious that his subject lines are going to be tried and tested. As you study the emails you receive, you should be considering how certain words or approaches could be modified in ways that would fit in with your own campaigns. Try to identify what makes a subject line compelling, so that you can write some of your own that your subscribers will want to open. Nothing worse than seeing a subject line that is truncated because it is so long, and that is to be avoided too. You generally will not write long subject lines to begin with, but to be safe keep them below fifty or forty, about that. You can talk to people who will make other suggestions, so you have to make that call.

Like any facet of online marketing, you should test, test and test when you’re working with your email subject lines. Obviously you can find out a lot about what works and does not with split testing. This will allow you to distribute your learning across your future email campaigns so that you’re able to repeat your success. Do not ignore learning from other email marketers, and seeing poor subject lines can be very helpful, too.

It takes constant research and testing to discover all of the ins and outs of effective email marketing, so you need to be patient. For an email marketing campaign to succeed, the very first challenge you face is getting people to open your emails, which is why the subject line must be carefully considered. If you implement the above tips, you’ll find that, with a little practice, it’s not that hard to create compelling subject lines that get a good response.

How to Write a Good Email Subject Line

Writing email subject lines that convert is something every email marketer wants. We do not have statistics, but we do know that people are happy to get a 1-5% open rate. Effective knowledge and use of your time is what you need to understand. But then again, writing amazing, high converting subject lines is not the easiest thing to do, and you have to take a number of factors into consideration. The article below explains three unique tips that will help you write better subject lines.

Firstly, the subject line that you put together should be germane to the reader, as well as something they will find to be helpful. If your prospect feels that this offer is not for him, what can you do?

So, from the get-go, you should keep this factor in your mind. Ask yourself if your subject line correlates with your materials. If you think it will not be something your target audience can associate with, than alter it. Do not stray from your objective goal of offering practical information to your subscribers/prospects. Provide them with something beneficial, beginning with the subject line.

You’ve probably seen email subject lines that contain a lot of hype. Many people automatically discard emails that are trying too hard to sell. You’ll have more prospects opening your messages if you tone done your approach. Your subject line is only an introduction to your offer, so keep hype to a minimum. Make your readers curious about your offer and get them to open the email first. You have a better chance of selling or preselling them in the body of your email, where you have more space.

This is a really obvious point, but we have to tell you to never use all caps in a subject line. Never mind that your reader will just delete the email, if it gets there, but this is something spam filters look for. You also know that it appears like your are SHOUTING at the person, right? You know how to just, be cool; that is really all you need to accomplish with email marketing; in addition to giving good value. Also, be sure to stay away from symbols that make your email sound like hype!!!

What perhaps makes success with subject lines so elusive is that there are many factors involved. Even though not all is in your control, your ability to understand what has to happen is. Try to avoid outright stealing other peoples’ subject lines because that will not help you learn. This is a skill that is like any other writing skill as it takes time and work. There are things you can also influence such as rapport and the like; that is a must with email marketing.

Getting More Out of Your Email Marketing

When you’re an Internet Marketer it’s in your best interest to be an e-mail marketer too. You can’t avoid email and still find success. Understanding the essence of email is essential to your success in online business. Lots of IMers depend on traffic from the search engines. But they completely fail in terms of using email for promotional activities. Remember, if you don’t properly leverage email, you are just keeping yourself from succeeding at what you want to do. Besides that, the truth is that email marketing isn’t exactly rocket science. If you’d like to find success right now, you definitely need to start taking action. In this article we will explore a few easily applied tips that will help increase the returns you get from your email marketing campaigns.

If you decide to format your newsletter in HTML it is a good idea to send it in plain text as well. Some people aren’t going to be able to read the HTML format in your email. Make sure that you cater to both sides of things. Not just that, you can put your content up on your website and then try to send your readers to it. Whichever way you choose, try to keep the preferences of your readers in mind. If you focus on keeping things easy for your readers, your response rate is going to be better. Don’t just assume things about your readers, help them in every possible way. Before you start sending out all sorts of promotional emails to your subscribers make sure that they trust you. Lots of email marketers can’t wait to jump right into promoting things and this winds up costing them quite a lot. Before anything else, it is important for you to both build and then strengthen the relationship that you are trying to build with your email list. Show them how much you care and want to offer them value. Give them what they need and want and help them learn to trust you. After you are certain that your subscribers feel comfortable with you, go ahead and start doing some subtle promotions with them. Take some time to enhance your relationship and make it as good as possible; it will pay off in the long run.

Your call to action is actually the area of your email that’s most critical. This is what determines the results of your whole campaign. Don’t hide it away in the message but make it prominent. At some point in every email, you must request that the subscriber takes action. The call to action should be something that feels like the next logical step. Ideally, the reader should be primed so that by the time he reaches the call to action, he’s anxious to move forward. Take out time to make it stand out from the rest of your copy. Having a button or banner is a good way to make sure no one overlooks it. You want to start your email marketing campaigns with a clear objective in mind. If you’re being vague and don’t have a specific plan, you aren’t going to get anywhere. Before anything else, you should know your prospects and what they want. The better you know your subscribers, the more you’ll be able to create products and offers that they’ll be responsive to. You’ll find that the tips we’ve covered in this article are fairly simple to carry out. There’s no more powerful way to build your online business than to consistently implement email marketing.

Make More Money from Your Opt-In List

Observing web business email marketers over time reveals many types of consistencies. Those who become frustrated with their efforts are easy to notice after a while. The relationship building stops and it becomes nothing but marketing emails. So that is just one terrific take-away for you, and of course it takes effort but it is not difficult at all. If your list marketing is stumbling, then take heart because you can fix it with the right prescription. The critical point is you have to do something; take immediate action to rectify the situation.

It’s true that most of the time you want to ensure that your emails and content are super easy to understand and read, there are exceptions when it comes to longer form copy. We have stated elsewhere that people can be willing to read long copy only if it gives them good value. The main problem is that online readers are quick to judge but slow to forgive. If you need to write a piece of long form email copy it is important to proof read it more than once to make sure that you haven’t wasted anything or included something that is actually unnecessary. This is good no matter what, but the primary margin of error gets smaller as your copy gets longer.

When in the course of human events, it is necessary (and a smart idea) to email your list with just good information minus the marketing. It is acceptable to have your email signature contain the standard site link as that is not really considered a promo email. What you can do is tell them a short, personal story about yourself that is true.

You will do well if they walk away from it feeling they got something which was worth the time it took to read it. A few quick points is to never get real personal about your life as that will make people uncomfortable.

One thing that is nice about HTML has to do with the options for sprucing up your email content. If you are new to email marketing, then be very careful using different or unusual font sizes, colors and other things like italics and bold words. Remember what banner blindness is, and if you use effects too much people will stop responding to it in the way you want. Just as you will want to track and record activity on your site, you want to do the same with your email campaigns. It is the email copy that will win or lose the day for you – and that is a universal truth. The whole game changes when you do email marketing and want people to take certain actions. But just like good or great copy, there is more scientific and logic than creativity and artfulness. Each person has a personality that should be apparent in their writing, and the key is to relax and let it come out as you write. Your writing voice is one of the most important aspects of your writing.