TNX Review – Does Buying Text Links Still Work? is a gem on the Internet that everybody should know about. Basically it’s at text link selling program, where you can buy and sell text links. You earn so called TNX-points if you use their program on your site. With this points you can either sell them and earn money or use them to put your links on other sites. TNX got a whooping 43378 users and 32100329 links in their system at the moment.

Buy Cheap Text Links

In my opinion the best part about this program is the solution to buy text links. You could end up getting several thousand links for only $10. To test out their system I added $10 to my account, and paid with PayPal. You might have to wait up to 24 hours before those founds are available on your account, but I only waited about half an hour. Still, this possess should be automatic, and hopefully it will be soon.

It’s pretty easy to start an campaign. Firstly you choose which category you want your links to be placed in, then you choose the geo targeting and lastly you choose how many Yahoo backlinks and what PageRank the sites should have. The higher PR the page has the more you have to pay for each link. What category you choose will also determine the price of each link.

Screenshot of the campaign window. (Click to view full size)

Example; If a page has PR0 you can buy 10.000 links for 10.000 points which equals $13.40 per month. If you want your link on a higher PR page it gets more expensive. For the same amount you get could 50 links on pages with PR3. If the site has a high number of yahoo backlinks that will also make the price higher.

The Link Generator

When you have done the steps above it gets more interesting. It’s time to choose your keywords! On this step I recommend you to use the Advanced (with generator) function. You will find it in the menu. Here you can generate loads of random links. You only fill in the words/sentences you would like to use, and the generator will randomly make different links. This is a great way to do it, since it doesn’t look right to Google if your site suddenly gets thousands of links pointing to your site with the same anchor text.

Screenshot of the link generator. (Click to view full size)

When you have filled in your keywords the generator will make many different link solution, and you can choose which one to use. When your happy with your selection add them all to cart. On step 3 which are the last step you decide how many links you want, and what kind of sites to place them on. (PR, backlinks and category) What I miss on this step is the actually price you have to pay for them, I couldn’t find that anywhere. Anyway, after you have decided how many links you want, you send in your request, and hopefully it gets approved. My first campaign actually didn’t get approved with the following reason:

“Ads link to pages that do not contain any information related to the keyword”.

The keywords I used where “monetizing” and “Make Money Online”, and a couple other. (Actually don’t remember, and theres no option to go back and re-edit the campaign) Anyway – they checked the campaign pretty fast (about half an hour) and i guess it’s a good thing that they are strict when it comes to keyword relevance (for you as a webmaster), but I don’t understand why my campaign wasn’t approved. I guess I have to try again.

So, there you have it. The best way to get knowledge about the power in this system is to try it yourself. Make an account now.

Get 5.000 Points For Free

TNX are running an special promotion where you get 2.000 points for free just for signing up, and 5.000 points if you sign up one of your sites, and use their program. The only thing you need to do is sign up, and post your TNX ID in this DP thread.

How To Make Money With TNX

You can of course not only advertise with TNX, you can also sell links on your site, which will generate money for you. The thing is, you don’t sell sitewide links, you sell links on each page you got. If you have a lot of pages this could mean easy money for you. You can even choose which links to place on your site, making it really targeted, and even a resource to your visitors. If you don’t have a lot of high PR pages you will not earn a lot, but what you could do is use the points you earn to buy links on other sites pointing to different pages on your site, making them higher PR and even help you rise in the serps. Since I’m not going to sell links on this site (yet) I haven’t tried their webmaster system, but it looks simple enough. Just copy paste a code-snippet to your site. The only requirement your site has to meet are the following:

  • Your site can not be hosted on server without PHP and/or Perl support.
  • Your site cannot be banned by Google, and have to be indexed.
How Much Could I Earn?

An easy way to find out how much you could earn selling links on your site is to use their income calculator located in the left sidebar on their front page.

Here you choose how many pages you got (not sites, but page aka sub-pages) and what PR those pages got.

Sure, the numbers I have used are not real for my site, but you get the drift. PR0 pages are almost not worth a thing, while higher PR pages are worth quite a bit. Try it yourself and check how much you could earn!

Lifetime Referral Program

When you refer webmasters to TNX, you get 13.3% of all the points they earn. You will also earn 5% of all spending your referred advertisers do. This commission is for lifetime, so start sending people to TNX now!