Trending News is the New Breaking News

Few years back or pre-Twitter age, the media decided what people were going to talk about though the day, most times sensationalizing stores for no reason.

But over the past few years this has changed and now the media waits to see what people are talking about on the web to decide what to write about.

you might think, so what? but this phenomenon actually holds some of the answers as to where the media is or should go in the future and also poses the questions, what exactly is breaking news this days.

An earthquake would be breaking news but if one happened tomorrow and Apple announced it would replace all existing iPhones with a brand new iPhone 5, which story would get more attention?

From a web publishers perspective i can tell you that trending news will get you about three times the amount of visitors that a breaking news article will.

And this will help your website move up on search engine page rank in an organic way

The point here is if you want more people to read your stories don’t follow the media, follow people because they decide todays news topic and i think that’s great.

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