The Ultimate List of Dropshippers

list of dropshippers

The key to dropshipping is finding the right suppliers. Without a good relationship with reliable suppliers, it’s impossible to run a successful online business. Below is a list of some of the most trustworthy and reliable dropshippers.

Here is our list of dropshippers:

General Dropshippers


Clothing Dropshippers


Closeout Dropshippers


Jewelry Dropshippers


Perfume Dropshippers


Health & Beauty Dropshippers


Computers and Electronics Dropshippers


Survival and Outdoors


Pets Dropshippers


Babies and Children




Spiritual and Mystical


Green and Environmentally Friendly


Home and Garden


Adult and Lingerie




Hardware and Tools


Specialty Dropshippers


What to Look for in a Dropshipper

checklist for dropshippingOnline reviews, dropshipping forums, and a credible looking site are the keys to finding a good dropshipping partner. The bigger companies like Doba and World Wide Brands are already well known, but if you’re looking for products in a specific niche, you may have to explore some less well known providers.

Using a dropshipper gives you the convenience of a large selection of goods without the hassle of having to carry an inventory. It has become possible for even the smallest enterprise to find, service, and deliver to any niche market. Anyone can now sell to these niche markets using sales vehicles such as eBay and Amazon. But, when your garage has been emptied of leftovers, dropshippers can easily be your key to continued success in these online retail settings.

Affiliating with a dropship supplier could allow you to even set up a website to deal with your specialized market. Orders taken on your site, can easily be forwarded to your dropshipper for fulfillment. Brick and mortar stores would have to obtain and store items to make sure that their customers could take them home at the time of the sale. A dropshipper eliminates the need for stocking goods for your online Internet retail business while providing quick, efficient delivery for each order.

There are many a dropshippers available. Some require a membership fee, others only a sign up. Almost every supplier requires that you prove you are a business entity (even a sole proprietorship will do) so that you are selling to others. Usually the better wholesale dropshipper will ask for proof that you are able and in fact do collect sales taxes on merchandise as appropriate. However, be careful of dropshipper scams.

Finding a legitimate wholesale dropshipper is a task that is made much easier with the use of directory sites such as Hienote Inc or which can not only list but give you the connections to many wholesalers for almost any product you can image. Or you could make use of a company that acts as a wholesale dropshipper for you such as Wholesale-Portal or DropshipDesign. Doba has long been such a service used by eBay sellers. These companies make some profit on your sale, but they often have extra benefits for you, especially if you are just beginning using a wholesale dropshipper.
With an increased overcrowding of the Internet marketing field, you will need to be able to sell hard goods as well as information products. A dropshipper is the ideal source for these goods. Shipping and delivery are taken care of for you. Use good information products or newsletters, but utilize the power of hard goods to increase customer loyalty. The easiest solution to getting and delivering those hard goods is to find and use, for your niche, a good dropshipper.


How to Avoid Shady Dropshippers

safe dropshippersOver the years, the business of drop shipping has become very popular as a way to earn money online, but so have dropshipper scams. As always, there is someone trying to scam you out of your money. Do a Google search for dropshipping and you will find millions of results. While many legitimate dropshipper or wholesale sources can be found online, there is a huge number of sites developed specifically to scam sellers looking for a good deal. So how do you tell whether you are dealing with a real wholesale supplier and a legitimate dropshipper?

Well, the answer is that you can’t, but there are a few tips, things to check for that will reduce your chances of being the victim of a scam. First, let us discuss a few types of scams you need to be aware of.

There are several different types of scammers around. Some are blatantly just after your cash, others are a bit more clever. They do offer dropship services, but the prices are just too high for you to make any money. These are not legitimate dropshippers, but rather the type of setups we refer to as “middleman” operations on our page about Dropship Pitfalls. They just use a dropshipper themselves, don’t stock anything on their own, and tack on a profit in their transaction with you. Other scammers offer unbelievably cheap prices but they are always out of stock when you order. They are just after your signup fee.

If you do find a cheap source for big name brands, be careful that you are not falling for another type of scam–selling fakes. There are several suppliers in China and other countries selling fakes. They are legitimate dropshippers (just dropshipping fakes), if you realize what you are buying, this is not a problem.

A strong indication of a scam is a supplier that does not accept credit cards as a means of payment. Companies that only accept Western Union or wire transfer is a good sign of a scam. In fact, if your supplier only takes PayPal (not just as an option), this may be a flag that the supplier is not a legitimate dropshipper but a “middleman” operation. Almost anyone can set up a PayPal account. A business must be registered to be able to use credit cards.

Other Warning Signs

  • Fake address – it doesn’t exist.
  • No or bad email address
  • No or incomplete contact details listed on the website.
  • When you call, the telephone is answered by an individual who does not identify himself on picking up the phone
  • You are not asked for a business or tax number.
  • Your emails are not returned.
  • Parts of the text or images on their site are copies from other websites.
  • When you place an order, the company claims they do not have any stock, but want to receive the money before ordering any in.
  • Your contact becomes shifty when you ask for a product sample

Tips to Protect Yourself

The easiest way to avoid being scammed is to do your sales through an established dropshipper site such as DropshipDesign or Wholesale-Portal. These companies will handle much of your necessary effort for finding and making the dropships for your products. Be aware, though that you can usually get better prices if you research yourself.

For researching and setting up your own accounts with wholesale dropshippers, you can use a wholesaler directory service such as SaleHoo which also has feedback on its site from other sellers. Hienote, Inc is another wholesale directory that keeps up to date on the newest available sources. Another good site to use is Aid and Trade which lists wholesale dropshippers in UK and Canada, as well as US. The biggest and best known of the directories is WorldWideBrands. A company that will dropship for you is Doba, the company of choice for eBay sellers. These sites have membership fees, but are all well worth the cost in time savings and help in setting up contacts.

If you still want to do your own searching for wholesale dropshippers to set up contacts, (perhaps you have a niche market that the directories don’t cover well).
Here are a few tips to help you protect against scammers:

  • Copy and paste some text into Google. If the text is copied from another site, it will show up in the search results soon enough.
  • Check that the website gives a full business name and a registration number.
    Call them to verify the phone number given is good.
  • Send them an email to check if you get a response or if the address is dead.
  • Ask for a photograph of the stock with the company logo in the background.
  • Check out their website ownership. Go to and search for the name of the website.
  • See who owns the domain and for how long. A legitimate company should have been in operation for over a year (or more!) and the expiration date for their domain should be well out in the future. Most legitimate companies reserve their domain names for 3-5 years or more at a time.
  • Use secure payment methods such as Escrow, Cod and PayPal Verified whenever possible. Remember that you may have extra protection when paying by credit card.
  • Ask other sellers what their experiences have been with the company on forums