Worldwide Brands Review

worldwide brands review

Don’t Waste Your Money on the Wrong Wholesale Supply Directory

If you don’t select the right wholesale supply directory then you’re just wasting money. Worldwide Brands is one of the few that I would actually recommend trying, but don’t just take my word for it, check out some of the facts below before making your decision.

This Worldwide Brands review will answer some important questions about their membership/directory which claims to provide information about wholesale dropshippers and suppliers.

Making the right decision about a supplier directory is important, this in depth review will answer the following questions.

1.) Does Worldwide Brands really work?

2.) Is it the right solution for your particular situation, and business model?

3.) How much does it cost?

4.) What do you actually get by joining?

5.) Finally, what kind of results can you expect after signing up, and what are the drawbacks?

Why I’m writing this review?

Right up front, and in full disclosure let me be honest about why I’m writing this review.

I’m doing this because I truly believe in their product, training, and information they offer to help people like you and I get started selling real stuff online whether it’s through EBay, or your own e-commerce site.

Hopefully you’ll find this detailed review useful, and it will answer some important questions you may have before investing your hard earned money.

Ultimately, I have a vested interest in you clicking over to the Worldwide Brands site after reading all, or part of this review, and then using their directory.

If you decide to gain access to their membership area after reading my review I’ll get a small referral for sending them another customer, and everybody wins in the end.

Ultimately, it doesn’t cost you any more one way or the other and will help me reach my goal of working online full time, rather than having to work for someone else forever. It will be greatly appreciated, and I will be very grateful so thank you in advance.

It’s important to realize that Worldwide Brands may not be right for everyone so please read this entire review to the end to see if it’s going to be right for you?

So The Big Question Is Does It Really Work? can be an essential piece of the puzzle when seeking and then actually finding real wholesale suppliers, and legitimate drop shippers. They provide a searchable directory, and market analysis data for thousands of items.

But does it actually work?

Here is a screenshot of the interface. There are thousands of products listed in Worldwide Brand’s interface.

Let me answer that question this way. When you’re a novice to intermediate level marketer attempting to sell online through e-commerce, there’s one thing that can drive you crazy.

Whether it’s selling on eBay or with your own e-commerce website, finding profitable items at wholesale or cheaper, and then reselling them for a profit can really test your patience.

One thing that happens to many beginners is that they feel they are on the outside looking in when it comes to getting merchandise that they know can sell well, if it could just be located for a low enough cost.

What quickly becomes obvious is that others have information, contacts, and relationships with wholesale suppliers that you don’t currently have access to as of right now in your current status as a business owner.

This is a common frustration for lots of people who want to make their living selling retail merchandise.

Worldwide Brands has solved this problem because, they spend countless hours researching, and gathering data about as many wholesalers that are willing to work with small to medium sized businesses.

In this screenshot you can see how easily it is to get the contact info for a supplier, and their requirements

They make sure that they are legitimate, and have the necessary infrastructure to meet the demands of small operations. This is particularly true, when it comes to drop shipping of items directly to consumers, and single item orders.

When you combine this painstaking effort in finding wholesale suppliers along with their ongoing superior training in the subject of e-commerce and online marketing it validates their commitment to providing high quality, and value.

Because of this fact, Worldwide Brands is the only company that I would recommend to a family member or friend that wants to get started selling products online via e-commerce or through using eBay or something similar.

There are some other companies out there, but Worldwide Brands is the only one I would say, definitely choose them to start with.

They are the only one that I would feel 100%confident recommending to them without reservation, and know that they will get their money’s worth. Click here for a free preview.

The net result is that yes it does work as advertised. So that leads us to the next question which is….

Is Worldwide Brands the Right Solution For Your Business Model?

It’s important to understand that they may not be for everyone. The reason is because it’s designed for serious business owners that are looking to setup long term supply chains for an ongoing business selling a specific type of item.

If you’re just simply at the point of wanting to get in, and sell an item or two, and then move on to something else then using their directory will not deliver the type of value that will help your business to achieve higher profits.

WWB should be viewed as an integral part of an overall strategy. The information provided in their online directory gets you access to literally thousands of wholesale suppliers. What’s important to realize is that these are companies that expect to establish a relationship with you as a retailer.

They have powerful tools for business owners to measure performance

If you are looking to sell shoes one week, and fishing poles the next, then WWB may not be for you. If however you want to find a company that you can work with to establish a long term working relationship with, and one that will help you by being a reliable supplier of a particular product that is part of an overall business plan, then this most likely would be a good investment.

I think it would be important to evaluate where you are with your business needs.

Are you looking to just throw some stuff up on eBay to see if it will sell? Or are you at a place in your business needs where finding a company that can supply you with reliable wholesale merchandise is a necessity.

How Much Does Worldwide Brands Cost?

They have two payment options. Right after signing up you get instant access to everything.

1.) A single payment of $299.00 full lifetime membership.

2.) The easy pay plan of $99 upfront, and then two additional monthly payments of $100 at which point you are paid in full for a lifetime membership.

Click here to take a look at the different plans offered by Worldwide Brands to figure out what’s right for you.

Additionally, they offer a 60 day refund guarantee to test the site. Click here for details

Either plan gets you complete access to certified dropshippers, and wholesale suppliers. Additionally they also offer mobile apps for Iphone and Droid.

Once you’re on the inside you can then instantly access literally thousands of product suppliers directly without having to do all the leg work. Thus saving massive amounts of time researching, and the best part is there are no middlemen to deal with.

What Do You Get With Membership?

With what seems like a relatively steep cost to entry there must be something truly valuable on the other side of the payment screen. The value of what WWB has offered comes in two parts.

The first and most obvious part is the ability to search their constantly updated online database of product sourcing companies, known as OneSource.

OneSource is the crown jewel of their product. They are constantly adding to, and updating company information of the database listings.

This is comforting in the fact that at least you know when you are contacting a product wholesaler they are already set up, and ready to start providing orders for you. This allows you to focus on other important tasks like marketing the merchandise.

That leads to the second part of their product. Clearly securing a reliable supply chain is of the utmost importance, but after you do that marketing the item is the ultimate goal. WWB understands that their job is only partly finished by supplying wholesaler information.

So, as part of the membership you also get a complete library of actionable strategies that you can implement right away. This comes in the form of videos and or online training sessions.

Being able to take this information and then apply it to your marketing system will allow you to see higher profits more quickly, and with less guesswork.

Here’s a look at the complete training library that is available for running an ecommerce business

What kind of results can you expect after signing up, what are the drawbacks?

After gaining access to the members area and the online directory of wholesalers and dropshippers what can you expect after that? As far as the actual database interface goes their delivery of the information is seamless, and works as advertised.

The information they provide is delivered via their servers so there is nothing to actually download on to your computer. They keep and update the information.

That could be a small problem however if you are using something other than a high speed internet connection. The database searches in real time so if you are using a slow connection retrieving the information will take some time.

The other thing is that if you are simply looking to sell the hottest new product hitting the market like a video game or electronics item then you may find it doesn’t deliver a supplier that can compete with what is usually massive marketing on a national scale by the giant retailers.

Usually those types of items are difficult to sell because of the nature of the product and competition involved.

This shows how quickly you can instantly identify find out everything you need to know about any supplier

Worldwide Brands provides the ability to find real product suppliers, and shave massive amounts of time off what would normally be an extremely painful process of calling and or emailing different companies. All in the hopes that they will be willing to work with most likely a new retailer or online e-commerce seller.

It’s important to remember that WWB is a tool that will make life easier and provides massive amounts of critical data at the click of a mouse. So, if you’re just expecting to sign up, and start making money hand over fist then it’s probably not something you should be considering right now.

It’s a special tool and should be considered as such, you should consider it very carefully before investing in it.

How to Get Started With Worldwide Brands?

Getting started is easy. If you have come to the conclusion that Worldwide Brands is the right decision for your business, and will provide the necessary information you need when it comes to finding real wholesalers, and drop ship suppliers then click here to visit their site and get access to thousands of legitimate wholesalers, manufacturers, dropshippers, and light bulk suppliers instantly.

Thanks for reading, and good luck in your online ventures.

Click here to get started now!

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