3 Easy Online Businesses

online businesses

There are many a different online business that you can create and here we are going to look at three different types.  This page focuses on creating an online business that will make use of a wholesale dropshipper in Internet retailing.

Building a Website

The first kind of business that you can create when creating an online business would be a website which serves a niche in the market.  Many people have worked with this and this is often done by trying to find an under served niche, building a website, and then profiting off this small but profitable match.

When you’re building a website, you’re going to want to find cheap keywords that you can use to help build your business as well as create good content.  By creating the content and then creating back links between yourself and other websites, you’ll be setting yourself up to have a high page rank with Google.  By using AdWords to bring traffic to your website and then also developing your natural search engine traffic through building up a website, you will have built yourself a very solid business. If you are going to build your own site, you will need a webhost that has at least eCommerce capabilities. The one we recommend since it is very complete in its plan and reasonable in its price is IPowerWeb. They (as many others) include credit toward AdWords advertising. This is just one way of creating online business.

Selling on eBay

Another way to you can build and create an online business is through eBay.  This is an area which was particularly hot several years ago, and remains a solid business proposition.  Many people can make a full-time income on eBay.  You will need to find a wholesaler where you can get products at a discount to sell on eBay.  The general idea when working on selling on eBay is to find a drop shipper.  A definition of a drop shipper is a wholesaler who sells you a product and will ship the product to a customer.  You will buy the product at the wholesale price and then make money on the difference between what you buy the product for and sell the product for on eBay. Using a wholesale dropshipper allows you to focus on selling the product without worrying about stocking the product.  You do not need to worry about any sort of shipping or back end but you will want to make sure that everything gets sent out.  If there are problems with shipments, the customer will be coming back to you and not to the wholesale dropshipper.  If you go to World Wide Brands, you will find the best wholesale shipping directory on the Internet. At SaleHoo you will even be able to find Chinese importing companies to use when thinking of creating an online business.


These are two of the different ideas in creating an online business. A third is a turnkey site. Here, you sign up with a service that will create a website for you and even stock it with items for sale. When a purchase is made, they will take care of the dropshipping and you will get paid for the sale. DropshipBusiness and Wholesale-Portal are two of the best websites for such an effort.
There are many ways to make money on the Internet but these are three proven methods. You will not have to use a lot of money up front to create these online businesses and these businesses can be something that you will have great deal of success with. Be sure that you have a good business plan for your success. Plan Your iBiz has a guide/workbook to help you through that part of creating an online business.

Besides the type of online business, you will run, there are many things that you need to consider in creating an online business. We have developed a report to help guide you through the process so your endeavors will be profitable from the beginning. The report is available at Creating an Online Business 101.

If you work on finding and undeserved niche, it is easier to pay for traffic bought from Internet marketing firms as well as move your way up in the natural search engine pages. You want to make sure that you are developing both a good site and its contents so people will want to read what they find and then continually return to your website. This is a simple formula in your search about creating an online business.

Building a Business Plan

I didn’t think at first about a business plan. When starting an Internet retailing business, many things need to be addressed. When I first started to consider starting an online business my thoughts were to find a good wholesale dropshipper to be a supplier of goods to be sold on a website. Somewhere in the startup, I received a call from an outfit that would supply a service. The service was to set up an S corporation, and rent an office for a monthly fee in another state. “You need to be protected as you become successful,” was the pitch. This got me to thinking. What should be the first steps in setting up an Internet retailing business? Should my first concern be to find a good wholesale dropshipper? Do I need some sort of legal protection when working from home? Would it be easier to get accepted by a wholesale dropshipper if I were some sort of corporate entity? At this point I was not even thinking about any sort of business plan.

I decided that to avoid this out of state scam, (Do I really need an S corporation? What about just an LLC?) I would talk with the family lawyer. After some discussion, he laid out these steps.

  1. Put together a business plan. (It started with what do you plan to sell?)
  2. Talk with an accountant who could help decide what sort of corporation.
  3. Come back and we will set up what you need.
  4. Check with an insurance agent to complete your coverage.

I immediately realized that without a business plan, I am going nowhere. “Failure to plan is planning to fail.”  I put my search for wholesale dropshipper on hold. There are many sites (such as SBA sites) that discuss creating a business plan, but I found a site that not only discussed a business plan but had available a Step by Step Business Plan Guide. In almost a workbook form, the Guide goes through what and how. As an additional plus, there is discussion about funding and sources for it.  No matter which type of Internet retailing business you wish to start, please take the time to set up a business plan that you can follow and make sure you have checked out all the available methods of funding your efforts.

So, as you think about your search for a wholesale dropshipper, as you begin (or even want to continue) your Internet retailing or Internet information business, remember that even more important than finding that good dropshipper is having a solid business plan.