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article builder review

I don’t give many reviews or testimonials, but when you finally find something that works, you want to tell the world! Here’s a quick review of how I got here and a video below that explains it all!

I’m sure you are here for the same reason I am. I started investigating a way to produce articles without all the hassles of hiring a writer, making sure the article is unique, post it on my blog then figure out how to market it. Article marketing can be a frustrating and intimidating process until you learn all the particular details. It can be very costly to do it right and with all the guru’s that are selling their latest and greatest it’s difficult to know what works and what doesn’t!

I’ve been there and have spent a lot of money trying to figure it all out. Over a year ago I bought The Best Spinner and used it somewhat to give me unique articles. That was great, but I still had to produce articles that worked for my Niche, plus edit them to make sense. Then I would spin them to get some unique content. From there I would post them to my blog and upload variations to the Article Directories. It was easy to get frustrated and burned out! But lo and behold another shiny object appeared and off I went to find an “easier” way. The cycle would begin again!

When I received an email from Jonathan Leger about the Article Builder, I pretty much ignored it at first. Another shiny object?? I was convinced I already had enough information and knowledge to build my article marketing campaigns. So, why wasn’t I doing it! Actually, I was still trying to figure out a system that would work for me.

Finally I checked it out. The Article Builder was starting to make sense. Man made articles are uploaded into the system. Hundreds of niches and categories to choose from, hundreds if not thousands of variations are re-written at the push of a button. Copyscape options to test the uniqueness and the opportunity to auto post to my blogs!
WOW! Everything I needed to make my article marketing campaigns a success.

Warning: Watch this before buying Article Builder

The Article Builder is one of Jonathan Leger’s most popular products. How much does Article Builder cost and is it worth it?

The “how much” question is easy to answer. Article Builder is selling on a subscription basis for $297 per year. Although monthly payments are not currently available, that breaks down to a monthly equivalent of $24.75 per month.

But is the software worth it? Can you truly get your money’s worth from this new service?


Let’s break it down a little further. How much Article Builder is worth will truly depend on how much you use it. For example, if you consider that a custom-written, original article will cost you from $5 to $10, Article Builder gives you a cost advantage even if you only use it to produce three to five articles a month. The more you use it, the more reasonable the Article Builder cost becomes.

Another point to consider is that the topics and capabilities of the Article Builder software are being constantly updated and expanded. Constant improvement seems to be a hallmark of the software tools built by Jonathan Leger. The power of the software and the range of articles you can produce increase practically every day. Imagine buying a car and then having the dealer stop by once a week to add a new option that makes the car better. That’s a deal you would probably take.

If you aren’t sure how much you will be able to use the service, you should be aware that there is a 30-day guarantee. You will be able to use all the features of Article Builder for up to a month. If you figure out it won’t help you, you can request a refund of your subscription payment.

Considering how easy it is to crank out multiple articles and add them to your websites or blogs, it would be pretty hard to lose money with the Article Builder cost of $297 a year. Even if you think you can get comparable articles for $3 each, you would still hit the break even point at 100 articles. Compare that to producing 100 articles a day on demand if you need them, and you can see how quickly see the Article Builder cost advantage.
You can see Article Builder in action and learn more about it by clicking here.

Most internet marketers are familiar with the Jonathan Leger and his products. He has been working in the arena of content and backlinks for many years. His focus has always been on making the content creation process easier and more effective at the same time.

Leger is perhaps best known for his product The Best Spinner. This product, released only a couple of years ago, has now become the standard for content “spinning.” It accesses a powerful, user-created database to insert alternative words and phrases into a base article. Using special syntax (“spintax”), the finished product can be processed by the right commands to create literally 100′s of semi-unique copies of the article. However, quality does not suffer and each article remains readable and engaging for the website visitor.

Of course, the real focus now is on Leger’s latest product, Article Builder. This one-of-a-kind, hosted software actually builds unique articles in a wide variety of niches and subjects. The Article Builder software relies on a massive database of text snippets and tips that can be combined and recombined in an almost infinite number of ways. Users can request from one to ten articles at a time on any subject available.

One hallmark of products created by Jonathan Leger is the constant updating and incorporation of user feedback. So far, he is demonstrating the same attitude toward the Article Builder software. In less than a week from the first launch, he has added content to the database, categories for topics and increased the functionality of the system. For example, once the articles are created, users can now download them as text files or download a zip file of all the articles created in that session.
When you purchase access to software that is hosted on the developer’s server, it is essential that you have a relationships of trust with the developer. You want to know that your software will be there when you wake up the next morning. With Article Builder from Jonathan Leger, not only will it be there, it will probably be better than it was the day before.


The software automatically builds an article on the subject of the user’s choice. The approximate length of the article is also chosen by the user. Articles can be built one at a time, or they can be requested in batches of up to 10 articles.
Article Builder software uses a database of pre-written snippets of text. Because these small paragraphs are properly organized and created specifically for this purpose, the article that results usually reads quite well.

The product was designed primarily for website creators who need lots of high-quality, relevant content for their web properties. Writing articles from scratch usually takes a lot of time. Writing can be outsourced, but achieving the desired level of quality can often be quite expensive. Resorting to cheap, offshore writers often yields content that simply won’t engage website visitors.

The Article Builder software is accessed online. No programs are installed on the user’s computer at anytime. Rather, users log in to the Article Builder website with a username and password. There are several advantages to running the software from a remote server. For example, updates occur on a regular basis without any additional actions required by the user. The database can be continually expanded and modified without forcing additional downloads by the customer.

Creating articles with the Article Builder software is very fast. Building from one to ten articles takes place within a fraction of a second. It is true that load on the server was light in the initial phases of release. It will be necessary to continue to monitor the speed of the program as more users come online. However, the text manipulations required can usually be completed with minimal server load.

Once the articles have been built, they can be downloaded as text files or simply copied to the clipboard. If you request multiple articles, they entire batch can be downloaded in a compressed (zip) file.

Warning: Watch this before buying Article Builder

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