Don’t Forget These Rules When Branding Your Company

Branding of a business ranges from a top automobile manufacturer that spends millions on establishing a particular make of automobile, down to a farmer who is selling his produce at the side of a road. For a small business wanting to brand its business there is a simple matter that should be always considered.

The branding of a business is greatly influenced by the mindset of the owners of the business; a company that does not think it has a brand is making a serious mistake – the company has or is a brand, full stop. A brand is not the product, not the company name or logo, nor is it the advertising to promote the business. The brand is simply what the customers of a company think of the company. A company that gives poor service overcharges it customers and does not treat its customers with great respect will be branded just that way – a weak brand.

Small companies should consider that invariably branding is based on comparisons. A customer will remember a company that did something special for them; be it a small gesture such as remembering a frequent customer’s name or it can be the company acting promptly to replace as defective product AND apologizing. The customer will brand that company accordingly, probably with a smile. In short service is everything when establishing a brand for a small company.

No matter how big or small the business the shipping of its products by mail or otherwise is an important factor in the success of that business. The cost of shipping for a small business has increased dramatically in recent months. Just the cost of mailing letter has almost doubled. However, for the small business there are a number of ways that these costs can be reduced or enhanced to promote the company when shipping its products.

The most important factor to consider when a small business is shipping or mailing its products is to make sure the shipping address is correct. Double or even triple checking the address will save considerable cost. When mailing a product the company can use the priority cartons sold by the post office. These generally have a maximum weight limit so make sure not to exceed the limit; the cost of an overweight carton can increase dramatically. Instead of sending a letter a company can use email at a fraction of the cost (hint – put a PS at the end of the email promoting your company). If you must send invoices or packages by mail insert promotional materials for other company products. Use postcards instead of mailing envelopes – the cost will be halved.

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