Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketers

As you might already know you can download so called “plugins” for WordPress. These are little extra scripts often written by freelancer and are available for free. With this post I will list the plugins I use on this post (I actually use 10).


Maybe the most used plugin, since it comes built in wordpress. Anyway – Akismet is working like a comment spam filter. If some bot is trying to make a spammy comment Akismet will automatic mark it as spam.

All in One SEO Pack

This tool is great for all bloggers that cares about SEO on their blog. AIOSP lest you create unique descriptions and titles on posts and pags. It can also help you with not getting dublicate content. (Disabling indexing of the the archives etc)

cforms II

This is by far the most powerfull contact-form plugin I have found, and it works great. You can add as many input fields as you want and its really easy one click operations. You can see it in action on my contact page.

Get Recent Comments

This plugin lets you display the recent comments in your sidebar as a widget. Great way to promote any discussion. You can see it in action on the right.


This is a light weight bookmark plugin, but it does the trick. Got a 40-something long list of bookmark-sites to choose from and they are displayed anywhere you want them to in your posts. I got mine on the bottom of each post. (The little images)

Popularity Contest

This is really a great plugin. It will rank your post after how popular they are. These numbers are based on alot of different term for example views, comments, trackbacks etc. You can choose whats the most important in the option. If you display the most popular posts on your main page you can make sure they are not forgotten when they get bumped down. I got my list showing on the top right. (Click popular)

Subscribe Remind

A really small, but yet powerfull plugin wich ads a small line of text under each post which basically reminds the reader to subscribe to your RSS Feed. Mine says: “If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed!”

Top Commentators Widget

Give something back to your commentators. Give them a link. With this plugin you can display the commentators that have given the most comment on your site, and even let their name be a clicking link to their site. This might get readers to do more comments, since they get a “free” sitewide link”. I display mine in the sidebar. Stats

A really powerful statistic plugin for wordpress whch are redicilus easy to install. The plugin is just one .php file and all the operations are handled by a third party site. This plugin will give you information about your visitors like where they come from, what post they read and what link they click.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Displays related post on the bottom of each post. Great way to keep your readers on your site and give them fresh posts which they might like.

There you have it. My favorite plugins so far. Do you have any good plugins on your blog? Make a comment!

DISCLOSURE: I am an affiliate for some products that I recommend. If you purchase those items through my links I may earn a commission.