A Detailed Review of Instant Article Wizard

Instant Article Wizard has grown dramatically since the first version was released. This review will give you an overview of the features Instant Article Wizard offers, click here if you want the full list.

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One very important factor for me is that Instant Article Wizard is owned and created by IM software developer Jonathan Leger. Jon has released many top software products, including the excellent spinning software The Best Spinner. Not only does Jon create top quality products like Instant Article Wizard and The Best Spinner, but he also updates and upgrades them on a regular basis. He also encourages his customers to post their thoughts and suggestions on his forum and he regularly upgrades his products to meet his customer’s demands. That is why his products just keep on getting better and better and also amazing value for money.

Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to check out the risk-free guarantee that Jon offers for Instant Article Wizard.

So how does Instant Article Wizard work?
Okay, so let’s get into my Instant Article Wizard review and show you exactly what it does. Obviously, its prime function is to create articles for you so you don’t have to spend either a lot of time writing them anymore or so much money on outsourcing your article writing.

When you open the software you will find a nice clean user interface that is very easy to navigate and use. There are three main ways that you can create articles with Instant Article Wizard, all of them making your article writing so much quicker. Plus you can easily create articles on topics you have no idea about.


The first way you can create articles with Instant Article Wizard is by selecting your main keyword that you would like to focus on in the article and place it in the appropriate field in the top left corner of the interface.

Using the drop down menu beneath you can then choose where you would like IAW 3.0 to collect this data from. You (currently) have the choice of Google, Google Docs, Google PDFs, Google articles, Google reviews, Google scholar, Google news and Google US gov’t. You can research all of these if you want and add them all to your article.

Once you have chosen your search destination, simply click on the “Research” button and Instant Article Wizard will then scan the web and bring back all the results containing your keyword phrase from the destination(s) you chose.

Instant Article Wizard finds common topics within the articles it scrapes to help you organize your articles.

All you do then is go through the results that Instant Article Wizard has given you, click on any sentence that you would like included in your article, then click on the ‘Copy to Article’ icon and it will automatically transfer it to the ‘Article’ tab.

You can then simply go through the finished article, make any minor changes if you like and that is it. It also has a built-in CopyScape feature where you can check your article for uniqueness and make any necessary adjustments if it is showing any duplicate content anywhere.

Instant Article Wizard will automatically highlight any content that Copyscape thinks is duplicate

This is a very handy feature to have right there within the interface. Click here to read more about this feature. It’s one of my favorite parts of Instant Article Wizard.

The next method to create an article with Instant Article Wizard is to use the ‘Generate random article from selected topics’ feature. You use this by selecting topics and keywords on the left side screen, then click on the ‘Generate random article from selected topics’ icon. This will then open up another screen and deliver the results in this new screen. You can choose how many sentences you want in each paragraph too. You then just go through the article, click on the sentences that you want to be included in the article and they will go to your final article.

The next method to create an article with IAW is to use the new Auto-Create Content feature. You do need to have quite a bit of research data to use this, but it really is an excellent feature that makes writing a unique article incredibly quick.

Once you click on the Auto-Create Content icon, a small screen will pop up that will allow you to determine a few things such as how many words you want your article to be, how many sentences per paragraph, a pronoun replacement feature so you can replace your main keyword with a pronoun so it doesn’t overpopulate your article with your main keyword.


It will then produce an article for you, all you need to do is go through it and delete any sentences that you don’t think fit too well, and that is it.

Here are some of the other features currently included with Instant Article Wizard:
Post content straight to your WordPress blog, spell check the article, identify synonyms, CopyScape checker, a fact finder and Google Trends and Suggest for research.

As mentioned, Instant Article Wizard is constantly being updated by Jonathan. If you own his product, The Best Spinner, you will know how committed Jon is to making his products better and better and to meet the demands of his customers. Instant Article Wizard is exactly the same, and I can only imagine that in a few months time this will be an even better tool than it already is.


  • Eliminates time wasted on topic research.
  • Generates real articles that can pass Google’s strict content guidelines.
  • Excellent support and frequent updates
  • It’s cheap (currently only $47)


  • Takes some time to learn how to use all the features
  • Articles are high quality but need to be proofread before being used

I was skeptical of Instant Article Wizard’s ability to produce quality content, but after using it I can honestly say it’s light years ahead of the other article writing software out there.

Instant Article Wizard is not for everyone. If you’re writing about an obscure topic without much information out there then you’re going to have a bad time. However, if you write your own articles and the time it takes you to do research is worth more than $47, or if you spend more than $47 on articles/year, then this software is perfect.

Click here to see the live demo of Instant Article Wizard in action.



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