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This morning I tried the new ClickBank HopAd Builder provided as a free service to ClickBank Affiliates. And since it’s provided by ClickBank I hoped it would function as well as or better than the other free ClickBank ad builders.

First I will say that it does make 2 types of attractive AdSense type ads for ClickBank products. I’ve put an example of both below so you can see what they look like.

Also, the tool is very easy to use. Just fill in some blanks and copy and paste the generated code into your web or blog page. And if you know even a little programming you’ll probably be able to figure out how to tweek the code a little to make it look better on your site.

Unfortunately however I was not impressed with the ads it brought up for the keywords I entered. The text ad box did seem to do a fair job of bringing up appropriate products however the tab box seems to display anything it wants.

In the example boxes below I’ve used the keywords shown on the tabs as the keywords to select products under each tab. I then used those same 3 keywords for the text ads.

Click the tabs to see for yourself how well ClickBank’s HopAd Builder worked.

Now I have no idea what ad’s you’re seeing however I know that the products displayed under the tabs when I viewed them were not a good match for my keywords.

So while I really like the idea and look of the tabbed box I would recommend only using the text ad box if you’re really interested in getting products that have a good probability of being related to your keywords.

What do you think?

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